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School Health

Florida Department of Health in Hamilton County


Health Services are conducted as a part of the total school health program. School health staff provides medication administration, health counseling, health education, referral and follow-up of suspected or confirmed health problems and following routine health screenings. They also provide consultation with students, parents or guardians concerning the need for health evaluation by the family physician, dentist or other specialist when definitive diagnosis or treatment is indicated. School health staff review and maintain records on incidents of health problems, corrective measures taken and other information that may be needed to plan and evaluate health problems and policies. The school nurse provides health information when necessary regarding the placement of students in exceptional student programs and the re-evaluation at periodic intervals of students placed in such programs. A student will be exempt from any of these services if his or her parent(s) or guardian requests such exemption in writing.

Part time physician staffed school clinic: Please call the high school clinic for information and appointment 386-792-6540 ext 2320.

School Entry Requirements 

  • School Entry Health Examination. Students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who are making their initial entry into a Florida school must present a record of a physical examination completed within the past 12 months. The exam record should be taken to the child's school upon enrollment. It is recommended that Florida's standardized School Entry Exam form (DH 3040) be used to document completion of a physical examination.
  • Immunization Record: The Florida Certification of Immunization, Form 680, must be used to document the immunizations required for entry and attendance in Florida schools. For more information call (850) 245-4342 or visit the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Immunization.


If it is necessary for your student to have medication or medical treatment administered during school hours:

  • Medication MUST be brought to the school by the parents. Written prescription from a physician is needed for over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Medication MUST be in the original container.
  • All medications will be kept in the school clinic, unless a doctor's order is on file stating otherwise.
  • Medication must be picked up at the end of the school year by a parent/guardian or it will be destroyed.
  • Medications/Empty medicine containers will not be sent home with students!

Contact Information and Resources 

School Health Supervisor at the School Based Clinic: 386-792-6540 ext 2320

Florida High School Athletic Association

National School Boards Association